LOT NO: 1447    meaning Banknote Signatures Starting: THB 7400   Approx: 189  
Lot of 9 banknotes; Series II-IX comprising of Series II 5b.x1, Series III 1b.x3, Series IV 1b.x2, Series V 50st.x2 & Series IX 50st.x1, mixed condition inspection recommended, VG-UNC.(9) Sold As Is
ѵ 9 Ѻ 2-9 2 5.x1, 3 1.x3, 4 1.x2, 5 50ʵ.x2 & 9 50ʵ.x1 Ҿл õǨͺ VG-UNC.(9) µҾ

LOT NO: 1448    meaning Starting: THB 22000   Approx: 564  
Study group of old forgery notes from King Rama VIII 100Baht x approx 100. (approx 100) Sold As Is
֡͡ ѵû . 100ҷ x ҳ 100. (ҳ 100) µҾ

LOT NO: 1449    meaning Starting: THB 22000   Approx: 564  
Study group of old forgery notes from King Rama VIII 20Baht x approx 100. (approx 100) Sold As Is
֡͡ ѵû . 20ҷ x ҳ 100. (ҳ 100) µҾ

LOT NO: 1450    meaning Banknote Signatures Starting: THB 6000   Approx: 153  
Series IX 1,5,10,20,100 Baht P#74d-78d wmk. portrait, set of 5 notes in various signatures, Series XV, 50 Baht type I (polymers) P#102 complete signatures set of 4 notes and Commemorative; 1996 King's Golden Jubilee polymer notes 50b. P#99 complete signatures set of 2 notes, total 11 notes, some notes light stains or folds. VF-UNC.(11)
9 ԴҤ 1,5,10,20,100 ҷ оѡ (˭) ¹ ӹǹ 5 Ѻ ҡ, 15 ԴҤ 50 ҷ Ẻ 1() úش 4 Ѻ ѵ÷֡ 2539 ҭɡ ѵ ԴҤ 50ҷ úش 2 Ѻ 11 Ѻ ءѺ 9 ˹ 9ѧ ҧѺդҺͧҧ ¾Ѻ VF-UNC.(11)

LOT NO: 1451    meaning Starting: THB 16500   Approx: 423  
Lot of 100 banknotes; Series IX-XV & Commemorative notes comprising of 50st.x1, 1b.x7, 5b.x8, 10b.x18, 16b.(uncut)x1, 20b.x13, 50b.x11, 60b.x7, 100b.x17, 500b.x12 & 1000b.x5, some notes folds, light stains, graffiti, inspection recommended, mixed condition VF-UNC addition coin 10b. x1.(100+1) Sold As Is.
ѵ 100 Ѻ 9-15 蹷֡ ԴҤ 50ʵ.x1, 1.x7, 5.x8, 10.x18, 16.(Ѵ)x1, 20.x13, 50.x11, 60.x7, 100.x17, 500.x12 & 1000.x5 ҧѺ¾Ѻ դҺͧ ֡ õǨͺ Ҿл VF-UNC ­10.x1 ­ (100+1) µҾ

LOT NO: 1452    meaning Starting: THB 28000   Approx: 717  
Lot of 1100 banknotes; Sereis XI-XIV comprising of 10b.x870, 20b.x200 & 500b.x30, FV=27,700Baht, folds, stains, inspection recommended. F-EF.(1100) Sold As Is.
ѵ 1100 Ѻ 1-14 ԴҤ 10.x870, 20x200 & 500.x14 Ҥ˹ 27,700 ҷ ¾Ѻ դҺͧ õǨͺ F-VF.(1100) µҾ

LOT NO: 1453    meaning Starting: THB 9000   Approx: 230  
Lot of 117 banknotes; Series X-XI comprising of Series X 100b.x15 & Series XI 5b.x11, 10b.x83, 20b.x8, light stains, folds, inspection recommended, mostly VF-AU.(117) Sold As Is
ѵ 117 Ѻ 10-11 10 100.x15 & 11 5.x11, 10.x83, 20.x8 ¾Ѻ դҺͧ õǨͺ Ҿǹ˭ VF-AU.(117) µҾ

LOT NO: 1454    meaning Starting: THB 13500   Approx: 346  
Lot of 172 banknotes; Series IX-XV & Commemorative notes comprising of 1b.x1, 5b.x1, 10b.x46, 20b.x73, 50b.x17, 100b.x15 & 500b.x19, total face value 13,776Baht. Some notes folds, stains, inspection recommended, mixed condition. Low starting price. F-AU.(172) Sold As Is.
ѵ 172 Ѻ 9-15 蹷֡ ԴҤ 1.x1, 5.x1, 10.x46, 20.x73, 50.x17, 100.x15, 500.x19 Ҥ˹Ҹѵ 13,776ҷ ҧѺ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ Ҿл ١ҡ F-AU.(172) µҾ

LOT NO: 1455    meaning Starting: THB 7000   Approx: 179  
Lot of 185 banknotes; Series IX 1b.x6, 5b.x66, 10b.x53 and 20b.x60, some folds, stains, inspection recommended, mostly VF-EF.(185) Sold As Is.
ѵ 185 Ѻ 9 оѡ˹ ԴҤ 1.x6, 5.x66, 10.x53 20.x60 ҧѺ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ Ҿǹ˭ VF-EF.(185) µҾ

LOT NO: 1456    meaning Starting: THB 5600   Approx: 143  
Lot of 203 banknotes; Sereis XII-XVI & commemorative notes; comprising of 10b.x36, 20b.x158, 60b.x4, 100b.x2 & 500b.x3, FV=5,460Baht, folds, stains, inspection recommended. VF-UNC.(203) Sold As Is.
ѵ 203 Ѻ 12-16 иѵ÷֡ ԴҤ 10.x36, 20x158, 60.x4, 100.x2 & 500.x3 Ҥ˹ 5,460 ҷ ¾Ѻ դҺͧ õǨͺ VF-UNC.(203) µҾ

LOT NO: 1457    meaning Starting: THB 10000   Approx: 256  
Lot of 224 banknotes; series XI-XII comprising of Series XI 10b.x44 & Series XII 10b.x96, 100b.x84, fave value 9,800Baht. Some notes with folds, split, stains, inspection recommended. Very low starting price. F-UNC.(224) Sold As Is.
ѵ 224 Ѻ 11-12 11 10.x44 12 10.x96, 100.x84 Ҥ˹Ҹѵ 9,800 ҷ ҧѺ¾Ѻ ¡ ʹ õǨͺ Ҥ١ҡ F-UNC.(224) µҾ

LOT NO: 1458    meaning Starting: THB 12000   Approx: 307  
Lot of 250 banknotes; Series XI 5b.x10, 10b.x169, 20b.x25 and 100b.x46, some folds, stains, inspection recommended, mostly VF-EF.(250) Sold As Is.
ѵ 250 Ѻ 11 ԴҤ 5.x10, 10.x169, 20.x25 100.x46 ҧѺ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ Ҿǹ˭ VF-EF.(250) µҾ

LOT NO: 1459    meaning Starting: THB 37000   Approx: 948  
Lot of 268 banknotes; Series XII-XIV comprising of Series XII 10b.x75, 20b.x34, 100b.x76, Series XIII 50b.x40, 500b.x5 and Series XIV 500b.x30, 1000b.x8, light stains, folds, inspection recommended, mostly VF-EF.(268) Sold As Is.
ѵ 268 Ѻ 12-14 12 10.x75, 20.x34, 1000.x76, 13 50.x40, 500.x5 14 500.x30, 1000b.x8 ¾Ѻ դҺͧ õǨͺ Ҿǹ˭ VF-EF.(268) µҾ

LOT NO: 1460    meaning Starting: THB 1000   Approx: 25  
Lot of 30 banknotes; Sereis III-XII comprising of Series III 1b.x1, Series IX 1b.x1, 5b.x1, 10b.x1, 20b.x1, 100bx1, Series XII 10b.x22 and Commemorative notes 60b.x2 (without folder), folds, light stains, inspection recommended. F-UNC.(30) Sold As Is.
ѵ 30 Ѻ 3-12 3 1.x1, 9 1.x1, 5.x1, 10.x1, 20x1, 100.x1, 12 10.x22 иѵ÷֡ 60.x2 ҧѺ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ F-UNC.(30) µҾ

LOT NO: 1461    meaning Starting: THB 16000   Approx: 410  
Lot of 45 banknotes; Sereis XIV-XV comprising of Series XIV 1000b.x5, Series XV 50b. polymerpolymer x2, 500b.x14 and Commemorative notes 500 Princess Mother x6 & 50b. polymer x18, FV.=16,000 Baht, some notes with folds or light stains, inspection recommended, mostly EF-AU.(45) Sold As Is.
ѵ 45 Ѻ 14-15 14 1000.x5, 15 50. x2, 500.x14 иѵ÷֡ 500.() x6 & 50. x18 Ҥ˹ 16,000 ҷ ҧѺ¾Ѻ դҺͧҧ õǨͺ Ҿǹ˭ EF-AU.(45) µҾ

LOT NO: 1462    meaning Starting: THB 4400   Approx: 112  
Lot of 59 banknotes; Series XI 5b.x25 & 10b.x14 and Commemorative 1995 120th Finiance Ministry 10b.x20, some notes folds, stain spots, inspection recommended, mostly AU-UNC.(59) Sold As Is.
ѵ 59 Ѻ 11 ԴҤ 5.x25 & 10.x14 ѵ÷֡ 2538 120 зǧäѧ 10.x20 ҧѺ¾Ѻ ըشͧ õǨͺ Ҿǹ˭ AU-UNC.(59) µҾ

LOT NO: 1463    meaning Starting: THB 27000   Approx: 692  
Lot of 870 banknotes; Series XII 10b.x400, 20b.x300 and 100b.x170, some folds, stains, inspection recommended, mostly F-VF.(870) Sold As Is.
ѵ 870 Ѻ 12 ԴҤ 10.x400, 20.x300 100.x170 ҧѺ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ Ҿǹ˭ F-VF.(870) µҾ

LOT NO: 1464    meaning Starting: THB 25000   Approx: 641  
Lot of 920 banknotes; Sereis XII-XV & commemorative notes; comprising of 10b.x360, 20b.x400, 50b.x60 & 100b.x100, FV=24,600Baht, folds, stains, inspection recommended, mostly VF.(920) Sold As Is.
ѵ 920 Ѻ 12-15 иѵ÷֡ ԴҤ 10.x360, 20x400, 50.x60 & 100.x100 Ҥ˹ 24,600 ҷ ¾Ѻ դҺͧ õǨͺ Ҿǹ˭ VF.(920) µҾ